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Direct Link

Andrea L. Bartlett

Published July 3rd 2009
ISBN : 9781440150357
152 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This new tale features the beloved Jill Holland, Lubbock Countys Assistant District Attorney, who is taunted by threats and phone calls from an unknown admirer. Ms. Holland, once a criminal investigator and a survivor of a murderous love triangle (from the previous release, Prescription for Murder), is now caught in a stalkers dangerous web, turning the terror personal. Jill and a favoring public defender tramp around town all the while a crazy man lurks from the shadow for the right moment to introduce himself. Detective Rodgers, Jills concerned friend, attempts to save Jill from her unwanted lover. Believing he can rescue the young lawyer from the mystery man, the detective interfers with the investigation shortly discovering the truth, but is he too late?