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How to Complete a Relationship Dr. Jim Turrell

How to Complete a Relationship

Dr. Jim Turrell

Published November 28th 2013
Kindle Edition
40 pages
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 About the Book 

In relationships the only thing worse than a failure, is an incomplete. Incomplete means the work is not over and whatever needs completion is like a black-cloud that follows you everywhere and interrupts every relationship you have. Many relationships linger for years incomplete and unresolved. Buried in our subconscious mind, the incomplete relationship can derail your future and keep you of-track for years.This brief EBook is about how to complete relationships and move on with your life. The first chapter, Is It Over, helps you figure out when a relationship is trying to complete itself. The symptoms are not always recognized, but once they are apparent the second chapter, Can We Talk, assists in opening the conversation without putting your partner on the defensive. The next two chapters provide the, Rules for Separation, and how to: Think about What you Want.The Last Chapter, The Dis-En-Tango, walks you through the process of disentangling your life and moving on clean, conscious, and ready for the next relationship.There are times in everyone’s life when relationships appear to change, breakdown and/or end. Very few people are prepared for this and many leave their relationships unfulfilled, angry, and incomplete. Every time this happens, it consumes huge amounts of emotional energy and time.For most, the consequences are prolonged confusion and an overwhelming sense of doubt and uncertainty. How can you retrieve yourself when you are lost in that unavoidable pain and sense of separation? This is why I wrote this book.First thing we much confirm: Is It Over? The reason completion is so important is that many relationships still live in people’s hearts as incomplete with unresolved feelings that keep regurgitating the same kind of outcomes, over and over again. This is disruptive and absolutely unnecessary. Once you see these reactions for what they are you will be released from their repetitive energy and set free from their constricting nature. After all, why would you want to live in such a helpless attitude?This book will teach you how to approach conversations and achieve a more productive outcome. It will help sensitize your timing, how you listen and what you say. It will also help you set productive guidelines for separation and help you see the necessity for looking down the road with faith and trust.This book does not assume that a complete relationship is over. But it does point out the importance of completing your feelings and not leaving them unresolved. Many times, if you can see the tell-tale signs of emotional separation soon enough, you can address your feelings and help your mate get theirs out on the table. If you can head off inappropriate behavior maybe you can help complete your relationship before someone has an affair or gets emotionally attached to someone else.How much pain could be avoided and how many relationships could be restored if only we could have seen it coming. Even if you don’t sense a problem in your relationship, I strongly advise you to read this book and learn how to communicate your feelings, fears, and concerns before they hurt you or your mate.