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Faith for Living | True Worship Kimberly Wesley Freeman

Faith for Living | True Worship

Kimberly Wesley Freeman

Published August 20th 2014
Kindle Edition
41 pages
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 About the Book 

What is your foundation for truth? In April of this year, the world watched in horror as two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon. Three people died and hundreds were injured. One of the two suspects is a naturalized American citizen and both men lived in the United States for many years. Friends and some family members were surprised. Repeatedly, reporters used the term assimilated referring to beliefs that the two men had come to fully embrace the American culture and way of life. It seems these young men came under the influence of information they received from other sources. There are a multi­tude of messages abounding in the world. We must consider the importance of sound doctrine. No longer can we afford to think or act as if what a person believes does not matter as long as that person is sincere. Many beliefs are sincerely wrong.Where do we learn the truth? For most of us, the church has served as the source through which we learn God’s Word, the foundation upon which we build our faith and our lives. There are two Greek words, which have been used to refer to the New Testament church. Ecclesia is the Greek word, which has been translated as church- however, the correct literal meaning is assembly. The word kuriaksos, which means that which pertains to, or belongs to, a lord. The Christian church then is an assembly of believers who belong to the Lord, Jesus the Christ. This series of lessons explores the importance of the Church – its purpose, its mission, and its endeavor to build up the body of Christian be­lievers into the Bride for which our Lord Jesus Christ will soon return.